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Beavertown Brewery: Peace, Pints and Cans

Date: Jul 2021
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Beavertown Brewery has launched its first above-the-line campaign. For the first time ever, this summer will see the brand go live across buses, national roadsides and the London Underground. The campaign will bring Beavertown’s aliens to life, staging a friendly invasion and bringing a peace offering of Beavertown’s much loved Neck Oil beer

Illustrated by Beavertown’s in-house Creative Director, Nick Dwyer, the interactive video will also show the aliens trying to fix their spacecraft whilst boulders of rocks fly towards the viewer around them.

In addition to this, the campaign will also feature ‘fly poster’ advertising in a mix of 96, 48, 24, 16 and 4 sheets put up throughout East London and Manchester, announcing that the Beavertown aliens come in “Peace, pints and cans.” Leading up to these sites will be alien footprints as if to show where they stood whilst erecting the posters, highlighting their invasion throughout the cities.

From 26 July, the full campaign will go live across bus sides, road sides, London Underground, and in stores and pubs, backed by social media executions The aliens will come to life throughout as they make their peace offerings to the nation: Neck Oil beer that can be bought on draft and in cans.

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