Agency: BBH
Client: Tesco
Date: Apr 2021
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After a long, arduous winter Lockdown 3.0, today (12 April) marks the day that it all ends - England is now free to descend on their local pub or to work out in the gym.

The past 12 months have been tough on pubs in the UK. As the country worked to combat the spread of coronavirus, on multiple occasions, pubs had to close their doors with little warning, not knowing when they might reopen again. According to a report from industry group British Beer & Pub Association, pubs in the UK lost nearly $11.4 billion in beer sales alone - the equivalent of 2.1 billion pints, while about 2,000 have permanently shut.

It's no secret that supermarkets have come out of the pandemic unscathed. With pubs out of bounds, booze sales rocketed, as people stocked their cupboards with wine bags and 24-packs of tinnies.

As pubs with beer gardens reopen for people in England, Tesco has taken the moment to remind its shoppers to support their local.

'Pop to your local if you can,' reads the print ad, printed on top of a pint of beer, dripping in inviting condensation. 'Pubs have had it tough this year. That's why, for once, instead of telling you about our fantastic deals, we're using this space to ask you to support them instead (as long as you feel safe to do so). Because right now, every little helps.

The move has been widely welcomed on social channels this morning, as people congratulate Tesco on the smooth move. The ad mimics Burger King's goodwill gesture last year when it encouraged burger fans to spend their money in other joints.