Agency: BBH
Date: Apr 2021
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Celebrating the qualities its supermarket brings to mobile, Tesco Mobile is colliding the world of 'frozen tariffs' and the 'fresh deals' counters.

'This is Supermarket Mobile' is Tesco Mobile's biggest-ever integrated campaign, and aims to connect with Tesco shoppers by highlighting all the unbeatable perks having your phone with the supermarket brings - including frozen contract prices, everyday value on the latest mobile phones, tech and wearables, as well as family perks and being able to help put food on the table with Clubcard Plus.

Rachel Swift, Tesco Mobile chief marketing officer said: “Our campaign showcases the wonderful things that happen when Tesco and mobile come together. We want to show customers all we have to offer - things they can’t get from other networks such as incomparable value and being treated like family, not just a number.

“We’re different to the other mobile networks and this campaign demonstrates our pride in that difference”


Client Credits:

CMO: Rachel Swift

Head of Brand and Marketing: Emma Herridge

Head of Customer Experience and Engagement: Simon Rogers

Campaign Lead: Lawrence Hamilton

Campaign Manager: Zea Westwick

Campaign Executive: Carolina Molina

Digital Marketing Lead: David Brewerton

Digital Marketing Manager: Rebecca Greenhalgh

Creative Credits:

BBH Creative Team: Lawrence Bushell and Luke Till

BBH Creative Director: Uche Ezugwu

BBH Strategists: Alice Walker and Harry Guild

BBH Strategy Director: Ed Kurland

BBH Account Executive: Ella McNicholas, Jack Smith

BBH Account Manager: Francesca Somerville, Emma Fry, Tina Rugiwa

BBH Account Director: Tessa Cranfield

BBH Business Lead: James Rice, Holly Ripper

Film Credits

BBH Producer: Georgina Kent

BBH Assistant Producer: Michelle Hagen

Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films

Director: Tiny Bullet

Executive Producer:

Producer: Trent Simpson

DoP: Patrick Meller

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Editor/Editing House: Owen Oppenheimer /The Quarry

Sound Studio: String and Tins

Music Supervisor: Hywel Evans/Amy Ho

Print Credits

BBH Producer: Mercedes Januszczak

CGI Artist: Chris Labrooy

Illustration Agency: Debut Art

Post Production Company and CGI Artist: Dippin’ Sauce

BBH Designer: Christian Kolodziejski

Social Credits

BBH Producer: Michelle Hagen

Creative Team: Lawrence Bushell and Luke Till

Media Credits:

Mediacom Partner: James Parnum

Mediacom Business Director: Peter Skarparis

Mediacom Associate Director: Duncan Timlin

Mediacom Senior Planner: Jamie Utley

Mediacom Strategy Director: Jon Hildrew

Mediacom AV Associate Director: Nicholas Goodeve-Docker

Mediacom Digital Manager: Erica Dorigo

Mediacom Biddable Manager: Kathryn Turner

Mediacom Digital Planner Buyer: Shairah Habib