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Absolut: The Vodka with Nothing to Hide by BBH London

Agency: BBH London
Client: Absolut
Date: Feb 2018
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Absolut has released ‘the Vodka with Nothing to Hide’, a spoof staff induction video that stars real employees taking the vodka’s commitments to openness and transparency to the extreme.

The brand film opens in a Swedish field where host Gunnar – completely naked, save from some carefully positioned pixilation – introduces the viewer to the drink’s Åhus wheat, as well as the equally naked Lars the farmer.

Gunnar then goes on a tour through Åhus lakes, Absolut’s bicycle station and the brand’s factory, meeting many more nude characters on the way and educating his new co-workers to the company’s CO2 neutral distillation process, sustainable ethos and progressive approach to vodka distillation.

Surrounded by his unclothed colleagues, Gunnar concludes to literal fanfare that “the most important thing that goes into Absolut is our people”.


The Absolut Company Credits:

Anna Malmhake – CEO

Craig Johnson - VP Global Marketing

Gaia Gilardini - Global Communications Director

Tobias Hökeberg- Global Senior Marketing Manager

Fredrik Thorsen - Global Head of Digital

Stephen Brown- Global Marketing Manager Digital

Georgia Mcdonnell-Adams - Global Brand Manager

Oscar Danielsson – Global Brand Manager

BBH Credits:

Executive Creative Director: Anthony Austin

Associate Creative Director: Pablo Gonzalez De La Pena

Creative team: Doug Fridlund and Mikael Alcock

Business Lead: Kate Roberts

Account Manager: David White

Strategy Director: Melanie Arrow

Strategists: Raphael Bittner and Flo Robertson

Producer: Natalie Parish

Assistant Producer: Sarah Finnigan-Walsh