Agency: BBDO
Date: Apr 2018
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Virgin Active, a world-class fitness club brand, has launched a new class and initiative that combines a calorie-burning activity with a life-saving one.

The class is called “CPROBIC” – a new way to work out that integrates CPR movements with BOSU exercise, helping fitness goers learn life-saving skills while simultaneously burning calories in the 45-minute class.

Most Thais have very little CPR practice, leading to an incorrect administration of CPR in real-life situations. Statistics show that only 6% of patients needing on-the-spot CPR receive it before reaching the hospital.

Taught by CPR-certified trainers from Virgin Active, the CPROBIC class turns fitness lovers into skilled life-savers, all the while helping them burn more than 400 calories in 45 minutes.

This class was available for the first time in Thailand on 5 March 2018