Barclays: Supercon

Client: Barclays
Date: Nov 2017
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Barclays UK in its latest film leverages 'Supercon', a toy which has a jet-pack, disc-cannon and can speak to enlighten viewers about digital safety.

The film opens with Supercon who says: "You know what, I can't do this. It's all rubbish. Its a scam. If you order me, you get nothing." He then tells people that while ordering, people should check for the padlock and if its not there then the website could be fake.


Barclays UK Marketing Director: Claire Hilton

Barclays UK Head of Advertising: Jo Hoskings

Barclays UK Advertising Manager: Nicola McLeish

Barclays UK Advertising Manager: Caitlin Van de Vyver

Barclays UK Advertising Manager: Rosemary Cross

BBH Creative Team: Marc Rayson and Callum Prior

BBH Creative Director: Kimberley Gill / Nick Gill

BBH Strategy Director: Tom Roach

BBH Business Lead: Jon Barnes

BBH Account Manager: Selina Strasburger / Jamie Kisilevsky

BBH Account Director: Andrew Connolly

BBH Account Executive: Alex Light

Film Credits

BBH Producer: Jemima Bowers

BBH Assistant Producer: Zaf Choudhury

Production Company: Passion Pictures

Director: Dave Scanlon

Executive Producer:

Producer: Anna Cunnington / Patrick Duguid / Matt Saxton

DoP: Oliver Carou

Post Production: Passion Pictures / The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Gus Herdman @ Trim

Sound: Joe @ String and Tins

OOH Credits

BBH Producer: Sally Kursa

BBH Assistant Producer: Angus Lees

CGI / Animation: Passion Pictures

Typographer: Christian Tunstall

OLA Credits

BBH Producer: Richard Atkins / Ish Schein

BBH Designer: Hanzo Schwarz / Sam Janar

BBH Animator: Alex Ludwig

Social credits:

BBH Producer: Sally Kursa / Jemima Bowers

BBH Assistant Producer: Zaf Choudhury / Angus Lees

BBH creative: Jennifer Ashton

BBH Creative Director: Kimberley Gill

Exposure (where is this work running, country and media type): UK: TV, OOH, OLA, online