Date: Sep 2022
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Papa John’s is celebrating a new limited-edition menu addition by catapulting pizza lovers into an alien world full of cheese, fashion and chorizo.

‘Planet Chorizo’ sees a woman sitting on her bed watching TV before being transported to another dimension. The trippy surroundings are amplified with meaty flowers, and the woman meets unique-looking aliens, who all munch on the spicy snack.

As the spot closes, the galactic tourist is given a box of pizza and transported back to her room. Was it all a vivid dream due to the overconsumption of cheese? I guess viewers will never know.


Brand: Papa John’s

Client: Jo Blundell and Lawrence Felice

Executive creative director: Katy Sumption

Creatives: Aoife O’Leary and Karolina Kezdi

Agency producer: Madeleine Martinez

Senior account director: Dan Taylor

Account manager: Olivia McDaid

Director: Dan French

Production company: Sticker Studios

Executive producer: Harleymoon Kemp

Producer: Edward Whelan

DP: Ben Cotgrove

Editor: Dan French

Sound designer: Marcos Gerez

Colorist: Richard Fearon

Color producer: Bruce Langfield

VFX: Liam Blenkinsop and Jakob Thorhallsson

Post producer: Ed Whelan

PR agency: Highlight PR