National Association of Realtors: Floors Ceilings Shower Dimmer by Arnold

Agency: Arnold
Date: Aug 2018
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People do some strange things when shopping for a new home. Things need to be just the way they like them, whether it’s immaculate hardwoods or a drenching rain shower.

Showing off the quirks of homebuyers is what a new campaign by Arnold Boston for the National Association of Realtors highlights, and the somewhat absurdist short films drive home that using the right realtor – someone who really gets you – can lead to the perfect home for your tastes.

Four spots show people doing some rather odd things to get a feel for the features of their potential new homes. In ‘Floors’ a couple is seen with their heads on the floor. They seem very satisfied. As the shot pulls back, we see that they are laying on the floor in tandem. The real estate agent comes in, unphased, stating that the floors are real Brazilian walnut, to which the couple replies, “we know.”

In ‘Ceilings’ a woman stands on a couch as her husband sits across on an ottoman. They both comically yelp, bark and squeal as the sound bounces off the walls. The realtor comes in to say, “12-foot vaulted ceilings,” knowing their reason for noisemaking.

Two other equally humorous spots show people being satisfied with custom lighting in the kitchen and a (fully clothed) rain shower.


Directors: The Perlorian Brothers

Production Company: MJZ

Agency: Arnold Boston

Client: National Association of Realtors

Cinematographer: Maya Bankovic

Production Designer: Jay Pooley

Wardrobe Stylist: Adelle Gaudet

Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride

VP Creative Director: Josh Kahn

VP Creative Director: Nate Donabed

Creative Director: Lucas Oliveira

Creative Director: Guiherme Racz

Editor: Pete Warren/Peel&Eat

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