Agency: Anomaly
Client: Sonos
Date: Dec 2018
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Smart speaker company Sonos is committed to making things sound better, and for the holidays, that even includes the crackling fire of a Yule Log. It also includes new party games, explained by Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk and Karamo Brown.

The company’s holiday campaign shows off its obsession with sound and why it matters, with the ‘Best Sounding Yule Log Ever.’ The typical fireplace video ups the ante on the sound of wood burning by remastering the sound, using several strategically placed microphones to capture every sizzle and pop of the burning logs. The 90-minute Yule Log video is backed by a behind-the-fireplace video explaining the sonic care taken by Sonos, explained by sound engineer, Andrew Tracy.

Berk and Brown also get in on the action in a video where Brown asks, “Why would anyone settle for the sub-par sound of an analog flame?” as the two sit in front of the video fire and Sonos speaker. The pair also have a video showing the new Sonos party game. In it, Brown and Berk are hosts at a party where they celebrate the role sound plays in bringing people together. The game asks people to write down three situations that involve songs. The suggestions are thrown into a hat, then the host pulls one and the players have to choose the perfect song for the situation.


Client: Sonos

Creative Agency: Anomaly NY

Bobby & Karamo Video Production: Gentlemen Forever

Editorial & Finishing: Arcade

Color: Company 3

Audio: One Thousand Birds

Yule Log Sound Designer: Andrew Tracy

Yule Log Production: Unreasonable Studios

Sonos Game Animated Tutorial: Los York (illustrations by James Graham, music by Washed Out)