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Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: LADbible
Date: Jun 2018
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Eight million tons of plastic is dumped in our ocean each year. Despite the scale of this problem and the massive areas this plastic is now forming governments have simply ignored it and the public are unaware of it.

The design assets namely the flag, currency, passport and stamps added a lot to the project. It helped to make something that sits hundreds of miles out at sea more tangible to the public by showing the excruciating horror of the plastic problem.

The design materials were part of a campaign that achieved over 200,000 signatures on our petition, reached over half a billion people. It was talked about on international news channels and written about in hundreds of blogs around the world praising it for its design and visual impact.

On World Oceans Day 2017, the Plastic Oceans Foundation and LadBible submitted an application to The United Nations to recognise The Trash Isles as an official country. Because if it is recognised as an official country, then other countries are obliged to help clean it up. We created an identity for the country and asked the public to support it by becoming citizens.

The Plastic Oceans Foundation is a global non-profit organisation that addresses the issue of plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters and sea life so they were perfect to bring attention to the amount of plastic clogging up our oceans.


Paul Brazier AMVBBDO Chief Creative Officer

Alex Grieve AMVBBDO Executive Creative Director

Adrian Rossi AMVBBDO Executive Creative Director

Nicholas Hulley AMVBBDO Creative Director

Nadja Lossgott AMVBBDO Creative Director

Michael Hughes AMVBBDO Copywriter

Dalatando Almeida AMVBBDO Art Director

Matthew Harrington AMVBBDO Partnership

Stephen Mai LadBible Head of Marketing & Design