Date: Jun 2022
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Heineken-owned Alfa Beer, alongside agency partner Soho Square, has released an ad reminding us how distracting mobile phones are, issuing a reminder to be present in the moment.

Directed by Sune Sorensen, ‘Distractions’ sees a young couple enter a restaurant for a date one evening. As they sit down both automatically take out their phones and stare at the screen instead of enjoying each other’s company.

As the film continues, viewers see the room start to get incredibly crowded – the couple’s colleagues, friends and family members begin to pop up around them. As the night goes on, everyone from skateboarders, famous chefs and social media celebrities to fishermen, movie characters and astronauts start filling up the space – all of whom manage to separate the couple more and more. In the end, the story reveals that when the duo isn’t distracted by notifications they can enjoy their date more.