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Airbnb: I Got You Babe

Client: Airbnb
Date: Apr 2021
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Of the many things the pandemic took away, not being able to travel as freely as before has been hard. As the UK opens back up after a long lockdown, Airbnb has marked the occasion with 'I Got You Babe', part of its wider 'Made Possible by Hosts' campaign.

By focusing on the hosted experience that hosts bring to guests, 'Made Possible by Hosts' is devised to educate people on what makes Airbnb different and highlights the types of stays that its diverse community of guests can take.

Because the past 12 months has induced pandemic nostalgia, Airbnb's campaign reminisces on what life was like before. For the series, Airbnb invited photographers to take a trip with their family and friends, shoot photos of their stays, then sending the photos back in return.

The series then features the photographs that capture a real, unscripted trip in a documentary-style approach, using familiar songs to stir up nostalgia.

Launched today (12 April), 'I Got You Babe' hones in on photographer Siân, and her daughters, Alice and Martha. The photographer shares pictures from a time the three of them took a trip to the countryside to stay in 'superhost Sara’s' farm stay.