Client: Amazon
Date: Aug 2018
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Amazon recently launched its ‘try-before-you-buy’ Prime Wardrobe service, enabling Prime members to order up to eight items of clothing and only pay for what they keep, with free delivery and returns. Now, they’re pushing it with a couple of spots that show the human side of the service.

Two 30-second TV ads, combined with a range of social content, show just how easy it is to order clothes from Amazon Prime Wardrobe. In one spot, a woman is looking through her closet with her daughter, who keeps nixing every outfit. When a box arrives from Amazon Prime Wardrobe, the daughter perks up and helps her mother find the perfect dress to go on stage with to perform standup comedy.

A second spot shows a young man on a video conference accepting a job offer. As he wheels back from his desk, we see that his dapper upper half is contrasted with a pair of basketball shorts and tube socks. He decides then that he must get new clothes. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, he starts acting out how he will interact with co-workers at the office, full of confidence and practiced banter.

The campaign, by London-based agency Above+Beyond, was shot in Toronto and directed by US director Clay Weiner, who has worked for brands such as Netflix, Audi and Nike, and is known for his dialogue-driven, comedic style.


Agency: Above+Beyond

Client: Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Director: Clay Weiner