Client: Coca-Cola
Date: Aug 2020
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The Covid-19 pandemic has created a ‘new normal’. But just because, for now at least, life isn’t what it previously was, doesn’t mean there aren’t new possibilities and opportunities to be explored.

This is the message of Coca-Cola’s new campaign, 'Open Like Never Before', which is encouraging all people to live those exact words, be ‘open, like never before’, think differently, embrace change, and better appreciate what was perhaps previously taken for granted.

The campaign has been launched in collaboration with award-winning, London-born spoken word artist, George 'The Poet' Mpanga, who has written an inspirational poem specifically for Open Like Never Before in this time of social and cultural change in a world forever changed by the global pandemic.

'Open Like Never Before' comes following a seven-month pause in commercial advertising – the longest ever for Coca-Cola – which saw it use its resources to support Covid-19 relief efforts around the world, and donate its advertising space, including the famous Piccadilly Sign, to charity partners, Crisis and FareShare.