Date: Feb 2016
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'The Face of the City’ campaign, from United Colors of Benetton, explores the faces and racial mix of major cities around the world. With this campaign, United Colors of Benetton has created a brand new model to represent the diversity of Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Berlin.

Through this campaign, 180 Amsterdam was tasked with bringing to life United Colors of Benetton’s rich heritage of social commentary, in combination with celebrating the new collection.

Instead of using the faces of real models within the campaign, this story of diversity depicts a series of faces created based on the facial features and racial mix of different cities around the world. In doing so, United Colors of Benetton asks the question, “What is the face of London? And the face of Tokyo? New York? Berlin? Paris? Milan?” The question is a pertinent one at a time of great cultural debate around diversity and social demographics.


President & Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley

Executive Creative Director: Dan Treichel, Dave Canning

Art Director: Rachel Kennedy

Copywriter: Joe Craig

Additional Credits: Client Services Director: Melanie Portelli

Account Manager: Mackenzie Walen

Strategic Planner: Clare Satterwaite

Producer: Louise Tench

Integrated Producer: Jo Kelly, Neil Henry

Editor: Chee-Han Wong

Content Producer: Claire Ford

Production Company: Not to Scale

Executive Producer: Dan O’Rourke

Producer: Maud Beckers, Michelle Hendrickx

Director: Hello Savants