Agency: 101
Client: Drench
Date: Jun 2016
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Britvic re-launches a revamped and rejuvenated Drench brand on June 6, supported by a big, bold outdoor campaign created by 101.

Deciding between juice and water is burden that has been carried by office workers on lunch breaks for centuries and Drench are going to put an end to it.

How? By introducing Drench Juicyspringwater. Part thirst quenching water, part tasty juice, this ground breaking drink could singlehandedly save the big important brains of busy important people across the country.

In a world where we make 35,000 decisions every day, it’s no surprise that consumers are suffering from ‘decision fatigue’. As an antidote to this the re-launch of ‘juicyspringwater’ goes under the banner of ‘Don’t decide’.

Multiple executions will run across 6 sheet and 48 sheet sites.


Executive Creative Director: Augusto Sola

Creative Director: Joe Bruce

Additional Credits: Designer: Dave Allen

Creative Producer: Olivia Riddle

Planner: Joe Smith

Business Leader: Victoria Ellis

Account Director: Maurice Pfister

Photographer: Victoria Ling

Production: Another