Date: Sep 2021
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Bumble has announced a European marketing partnership with TikTok. This partnership, live in both popular apps, will encourage people on Bumble and TikTok to showcase their true, authentic personalities while dating.

The campaign, 'Date with Better Answers' will see Bumble and TikTok partner with creators across the UK, France and Germany. Building on the interests that people have picked up during lockdown and seen on TikTok, creators will appear in adverts on both platforms focused on helping people to connect authentically, sharing their hobbies - surprising or otherwise.

Focusing on popular interests, the initial TikTok creators featured in the UK campaign help a pair of daters with inspiration in cooking and freestyle football. Interests like this have become their own subcultures on TikTok, with passionate communities forming around them to create and share - #foodtiktok has almost 34 billion views with people sharing recipes and food inspiration, whilst #freestylefootball has clocked up more than a billion views of creators and the community sharing their skills.