Don’t call GL1 Leisure disorganised in a tweet: they’ll send burly men into the changing room to discipline you

After PR agency founder Andy Barr sent a jokey tweet calling GL1 Leisure disorganised, with a picture of his friend on a basketball court, the last thing he expected was two ‘burly men’ to follow him into the changing room an hour later, clutching a print-out of his tweet.Barr, a blogger for The Drum, told the men that he would speak to them after he had showered and changed.

The two men declined that the leisure centre had been ‘disorganised’ and said it had CCTV footage showing the group started on time.“They felt I should have gone to them to complain not tweeted,” Barr said, adding “They did not have it (because they had made it up).“They then changed it to, you are not allowed to take pics in the gym hall. I did not know this so I apologised repeatedly.“They then basically went on about not tweeting and should be going to them direct.”According to Barr, previous tweets he had sent were then brought up, with GL1 staff reiterating that problems should be brought to them and should not be aired on Twitter.GL1 Leisure has not replied to a request for comment.This follows an incident last year, which saw a journalist told he was not allowed to fly on easyJet after posting a negative tweet.

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