The creative, PR and social media campaign that inspired 18,000 new customers to try Oppo ice cream through one tantalising brand partnership.

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Healthy ice cream brand, Oppo Brothers, was lesser known than its halo-wearing counterpart, but far tastier

Healthy ice cream brand, Oppo Brothers, was lesser known than its halo-wearing counterpart, but far tastier.​ The brand was set to release a new limited-edition flavour – Raspberry Ripple – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Armed with a small budget and true belief in its taste credentials, Oppo looked to seize the occasion as a chance to maximise product trial and win a host of new loyal Oppo converts in the process.


Oppo’s natural strength was its superior indulgent taste…

Guilt-free indulgence was the centrepiece of Oppo’s enticing brand. Its focus on sophistication, hedonism and desire was more relevant at Valentine’s Day than any other time of year – creating a ‘sweet spot’ for a fun on-brand campaign.

How do you make the most of such an opportunity, for a lesser-known brand and with a small budget? By securing a partnership with a bigger brand, that also happens to be known for a different kind of healthy indulgence. Enter, Ann Summers…


S3 began by creating a branded PR‘Spooning Kit’ – featuring Oppo ice cream, a golden dessert spoon and, to top it all off, an Ann Summers vibrator – for press, influencers and consumers.

Creatively designed by S3 to reflect Oppo’s fresh, dark and decadent style, the kit was designed to link the Oppo brand with the concept of self (or shared) love – without the guilt – and drive people to claim an online voucher to try the new flavour. ​

Meanwhile, a tongue-in-cheek social media campaign conceptualised and produced by S3’s creatives celebrated the theme of ‘good temptation’ with a series of provocative and witty posts. The content directed more traffic to download the voucher and join Oppo’s mailing list.


This attention-grabbing campaign created a true ‘buzz’ online – inspiring over 18,000 new customers to try Oppo ice cream.

Press, influencers and thousands of social media users engaged with the brand and its quirky partnership thanks to the campaign. These consumers went on to explore the campaign website and download the free trial vouchers in their thousands, ensuring a whole crop of new customers tried the superior Oppo taste for themselves.