Celebrating the #SmallWins

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As every parent knows, getting children onto solid food is full of ups and downs

But it’s also a social experience, full of steps forward to celebrate and share. This insight powered our emotive campaign idea for Organix - a brand offering snacks with a healthy message for parents, while tasting good to kids too.

The concept of ‘small wins’ celebrates those real-life moments – both the wins and the humorous fails - and perfectly complements Organix’s guilt-free food proposition.

We made Organix into mum’s ally on the food journey, with

user-generated images from our customer base that celebrate the everyday #SmallWins. Our integrated campaign reached parents through programmatic digital advertising, shopper marketing, on-demand TV, and social media.

The campaign reached 88% of mum’s with kids aged 0-3, the ad had 2.5m views on All4, 3.3m views via bumper ads, 900K views on YouTube.