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Executive editors Natan Edelsburg (@twatan) and Adam Flomenbaum (@flobombin), and guest contributors, bring the inside track on the latest developments in the TV space.

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The Found Remote Show Episode 1: Natan and Adam debate cord cutting

Found Remote, part of The Drum's Future of TV blog, has released its first video show - imaginatively titled, The Found Remote Show, featuring executive editors Natan Edelsburg and Adam Flomenbaum discussing the latest TV trends. 

Outside of covering the latest future of TV news for The Drum, Natan and Adam have been debating topics ranging from basketball to religion to relationships for nearly 20 years.

In episode 1 the pair debate the virtues and pitfalls of cord cutting. Natan, a devout cable subscriber, has found that the TiVo Bolt makes cable packages more necessary than ever for TV lovers. Adam, on the other hand, is a cord cutter and thinks that people can save money without sacrificing the content they enjoy with the Roku 4. 

For more, see their in-depth reviews of the products they discuss such as Natan's views on TiVo and Adam's Roku impressions. 


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