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16 September 2013 - 5:20pm | posted by | 0 comments

London Fashion Week generates strong uplift in online shopping for fashion

London Fashion Week generates strong uplift in online shopping for fashionLondon Fashion Week generates strong uplift in online shopping for
London Fashion Week generates strong uplift in online shopping for fashion

During September 13-17 the British capital is welcoming London Fashion Week, a major event on the global fashion calendar. Long seen as a less important location compared to Milan, Paris, or New York, London recently emerged as a trendsetting city, mixing young talent with the established fashion brand names such as Burberry, Paul Smith or Vivienne Westwood.
LFW spreads across 5 days encompassing 58 shows, 15 presentations and 52 events – all in one city.

This year LFW opened its doors to welcome not just the fashion crowd, but ordinary shoppers as well. The move is intended to boost the value of the fashion industry and raise London’s profile as a fashion destination. Each fashion week in London attracts more than £100 million ($160 million) in extra orders, according to the British Fashion Council. Open door policy is expected to stimulate growth in the fashion industry and add to the estimated 816,000 jobs.

LFW is known to kick start autumnal shopping spree in the UK. Barclaycard’s survey showed 31% of Britons are more adventurous in their purchase of fashions on the web, with 44% buying brighter clothes online.

These estimates are supported by statistics from VeInsight, a product of Ve Interactive. Data from Ve Interactive’s customers in the UK from September 2012 indicate that London Fashion Week had a strong impact on both shoppers’ interest in fashion and on actual sales by fashion online retailers. The week of LFW’12 recorded a 5.3% increase in total checkout visits and 11.3% uplift in customer sales by fashion online retailers. The week following LFW’12 witnessed even a higher uplift in the sector: total checkout visits were up 29.7% from pre-LFW level and customer sales – 44.9% up.

Surprisingly, online shoppers’ interest in unisex clothing was higher (49.7% uplift in total checkout visits) compared to female clothing (8.1% increase). Similarly, interest in unisex footwear increased by 25.7% the week following LFW’12, while total checkouts of female footwear went up by 0.8%. At the same time online shoppers’ interest in accessories grew by 23.1%. Total checkouts in Watches/Jewelry category saw an uplift of 5.7%.

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