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Viral Chart highlights: Advertisers can't get enough of animals

Mel Peck from the Viral Ad Network picks out the best bits from The Drum's Viral Video Chart and takes a look at the rise and rise of animals in advertising.

The Pepsi Max test drive stunt is still hanging on to the top spot in the viral chart this week, followed at number two by Celebrating #Twitter7. Believe it or not, the social network is celebrating its 7th birthday this month and to mark the anniversary the site has released a video tribute to chronicle the history of its development, from the first tweet to the first hashtag.

Another notable new entry in the listings this week comes from Mountain Dew, in the form of a bizarre ad spot starring a rather nasty fictional goat named Felicia.

Produced by ad agency BBDO and directed by Tyler Haley, (member of up coming LA rap group Odd Future), the trippy video features a crazy goat having a heated argument with a waitress before downing a bottle of Mountain Dew and storming out of a restaurant – it’s pretty random!

Yep, that’s right, at one-point goats even kicked our fluffy feline friends off the top of the most searched for animals list!It’s good to see brands being quick off the mark to react to trending internet culture, and keeping an eye on what’s popular online can provide invaluable insight for marketers when planning viral campaigns. Mountain Dew isn’t the only brand to cash in on the world's newfound love of goats either – both Doritos and Frys have also used screaming goats in recent commercials.Rumour has it that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Felicia, so watch this space for more antics from Mountain Dew’s new psychotic goat star!Over to the UCG chart and it looks like there’s a new suburban celeb on the viral scene! Local news interviews are a great source of fodder for memes and we’ve seen them turn all manner of unlikely members of the public into overnight viral sensations. Remember Antoine Dodson and his infamous Bed Intruder rant, or more recently, the hilarious Sweet Brown or Kai, the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker?Last week Michelle Clark (a resident from a storm-affected neighbourhood in Houston), was interviewed by a local news station about her reaction to the crazy hailstone shower. Cue an enthusiastic rant, some overly animated gesturing and a few classic lines like: Man, those chunkers were big… KABOOYA! KABOOYA! The interview instantly went viral, already clocking up over 7 million views and triggering a string of parody mash-ups.