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The team behind the Viral Video Chart examine the latest trending videos and look at what it takes to become a web smash.

Google Glass and the most extreme job interview ever from Heineken - the story behind this week's viral videos

Mel Peck from the Viral Ad Network picks out the highlights from The Drum's Viral Video Chart and looks at which brands have trended online this week.

Google has topped the Viral Brand Chart this week, with a marketing push for Glass, the latest gadget to whip interweb tech lovers into a frenzy.

Rumours about the device have been kicking around online for a while now - we’ve seen a couple of sneaky preview videos already - but last week the internet search giant released an official promo video to show the world exactly what it can do. It looks a bit like something you might see in a futuristic sci-fi film, but don’t get too excited, it’s not going to be commercially available until 2014 and is likely to come with a pretty hefty price tag!