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17 February 2012 - 1:17pm | posted by | 2 comments

Pinterest: What's The Hype?

Pinterest: What's The Hype?Pinterest: What's The Hype?

So if you’re engaged in social media enough, whether it be Linked-In or Twitter, you’ll see this new word “Pinterest” banded about. Writers are getting their early bets in about what Pinterest will become popular for, from the military to recruitment, but I'm not sure they've got it right yet.

I got myself an invite to check it out. First I’m asked to select categories that might interest me, Design? Check. Geek? Check. Technology? Check. And so on I select my desired areas… apart from mis-clicking “Weddings”. Pinterest follows people who it thinks I might like. I’m a big fan of recommendation algorithms. There’s nothing worse than signing up to a social network and wondering where everyone is, like Twitter circa 2007.

Now it’s time for me to create my first Board. There are a few suggestions, I’m going to choose “Books Worth Reading”. I’m asked to add the “pin it” bookmark to my Favorites bar and I’m ready to go.

Five minutes later I’ve created a little Board with some captions about the books and I can share this with my friends and peers.

You can see it here:

If you’re a massive Instagram fan like myself and believe that pictures and photos speak a thousand words then this is definitely for you. I think it’s a little farfetched suggesting that everyone who uploads an infographic CV is going to have job offers building up at their door, but once the early adopters shape the culture of using Pinterest I’m confident it will go forward to be a great platform.


20 Feb 2012 - 15:07
leema10574's picture

Great post Dan! I am a huge fan of Pinterest, and whilst I can understand the appeal it has to brands, and businesses who rely on visuals. I do agree using it for recruitment etc is a bit far fetched.

21 Feb 2012 - 15:55
socca96019's picture

@leema10574 I agree, so far as I can see, Pintrest appeals mostly to women...word is that if you have an account and you are of the male persuasion, you lose your man card. BUT should you want to market to women...jack pot!


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