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20 October 2011 - 8:26am | posted by | 0 comments

His Nibs: Shock for The Herald as deputy business editor plans new life in Florida

His Nibs: Shock for The Herald as deputy business editor plans new life in FloridaHis Nibs: Shock for The Herald as deputy business editor plans new

In the latest entry by The Drum's anonymous blogger, revealing news from within Scotland's media it wouldn't want you to hear, Glasgow broadsheet The Herald is apparently at a loss as to how to replace its deputy business editor.

Mark Smith, The Herald's hard-working Deputy Business Editor, has stunned colleagues by announcing he's decided to leave.

Originally from the USA, he is heading back across The Atlantic to Florida with his family to begin a new career.

His job will be advertised shortly and it's thought an external candidate will be considered.

The job spec hasn't been announced yet but would it be surprising, in these challenging times, if the paper's senior management tried to save money on the salary?

Mark's will be a hard act to follow. Apart from being a talented journalist with loads of experience, he is also a successful author. His "Treblinka Survivor" (published by The History Press in 2010) tells the tragic story of Hershl Sperling, who was a neighbour and friend in Glasgow.

Hershl was one of fewer than 70 Jews who got out of Treblinka alive. Over 800,000 others didn't make it.

The book tracks his life as he survives a nazi prison camp, four concentration camps and two death camps before committing suicide in Scotland 50 years later.

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