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13 June 2011 - 3:06pm | posted by | 0 comments

The UWI Label, remembers when you forget

The UWI Label, remembers when you forgetThe UWI Label, remembers when you forget

A friend of mine has been developing a fantastic idea for products that have a due date – a label that tells you once the product has been opened how long you can keep it for or will last before it goes off. Clever huh?

I have to say though, I could do with it on more than a label – I find myself juggling more projects at one time than ever before. Never has the requirement for lists and check lists been more essential, I just wish I knew how important they were years ago!

Anyway getting back to Pete Higgins UWI Label he’s down to the last 3 Scottish Finalists of the Barclays – Take one small step – competition, each of the regional winners will receive £50,000 towards their business idea! Pete has been working on all sorts of projects to get his product to market and now he is so nearly there. Winning this competition would mean the world to any business but Pete’s idea is a game changer for anyone with a product that has a shelf life – at least for the people that buy the products.

If you want to support Pete have a look at his entry here: Take one small step The vote closes on the 27th June 2011.

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