Roku is quickly and quietly building up its smart TV business


Roku once relied almost entirely on device sales. But then, with smart TVs becoming the norm, the company two years ago announced its Roku TV program – joining with existing TV manufacturers (including Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp and TCL) to create branded smart TVs with a Roku-powered OS.

These partnerships, along with Roku re-focusing its attention on its OS, have proved fruitful. There are now 100 Roku TV models available in North America and Roku TVs account for 13 percent of U.S. smart TV sales.

“Roku offers TV Partners an incredibly easy, efficient and cost-effective way to build smart TVs that consumers love,” said Chas Smith, general manager Roku TV & Players. “This Spring, with the introduction of our new 4K HDR platform, we are looking forward to further expansion, giving us the ability to reach more partners and consumers.”

Roku is doubling down on these efforts in 2017 and expects 150 TV models (a 50 percent increase) to be available in North America by the end of the year.

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Adam Flomenbaum

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