Despite return of Dinotrux, children's TV viewership down on Netflix in October


Everyone is blaming the presidential elections for any type of declines in viewership (see: NFL), but it's hard to make that argument for children's programming, which saw a 13% decline month-over-month on Netflix. Still, the platform can recover in November with viewers catching on to the return of Dinotrux.

Below, additional insights from Jumpshot:

- Dinotrux return: Season 3 of Dinotrux debuted on Netflix on October 7. This new season helped the series break the top 10 list this month, drawing a 7% share and saw a 207 per cent increase in viewership month over month.

- Fostering a Following: Though Season 4 Part A debuted on Netflix in late September, viewership of the new season didn't really pick up until October. The series saw a 132 per cent increase in viewership month over month, drawing an 8 per cent share.

Adam Flomenbaum

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