Creatives underline Brexit threat to EU nationals with London Pokemon Go flyers


Japanese monster-hunting franchise Pokemon has experienced a resurgence in popularity across the globe thanks to the launch of augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go.

Now that popularity has been leveraged by a trio of creatives looking to underline the dangers they claim Brexit poses to EU workers in the UK. By creating the #PokemonGoHome campaign in London, the campaign draws "attention to the uncertainty surrounding the fate of EU Nationals in the UK".

The guerrilla campaign was composed by copywriter, David Felton, graphic and web designer, Steve Sinyard and creative director Evan Brown. It has a grounding in a social good drive, directing users to a petition urging the government to “guarantee EU nationals a right to remain in the UK and show that people are just as important as Pokémon”.

The petition reads: “Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, more than half a million people won't meet the residency requirements needed to stay if Article 50 is triggered next year.

“We decided to make this campaign to draw attention to the uncertainty surrounding the fate of EU Nationals in the UK, who may lose their right to live and work here.”

Here are some images from the campaign.

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