Skrillex shares video poking holes in Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ lawsuit

Producer and DJ Skrillex has made a steadfast defence of the main riff in Justin Bieber’s global hit ‘Sorry’ on YouTube, amid claims it was stolen from another artist.

Musician Casey Dienel last week filed a lawsuit claiming that the riff was stolen from her song ‘Ring the Bell,’ an accusation that saw Skrillex who produced the Bieber hit tweet “SORRY but we didn’t steal this”.

A short vocal sample sits at the heart of the allegation, with Dienel claiming it was lifted from her song - but the Skrillex video shows that it is a mere change in pitch upon Bieber’s existing audio output.

In the lawsuit, she said: “The vocal riff is a qualitatively and quantitatively distinct and integral element.”

She also took to Facebook to explain the court case, claiming she poured her “blood, sweat, and tears” into 'Ring the Bell'.

Below is a video comparing the samples from each song.

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