#truTVisAThing: network launches social campaign to help March Madness viewers find games

College basketball fans are used to flipping between CBS and ESPN throughout the regular season to watch games; and when it comes time for March Madness, they likely know where to find TNT.

But what about truTV? The Turner-owned network home to the Impractical Jokers and Billy on the Street continues to be the home to early round Tournament games.

The network, recognizing that not all fans are regular viewers, have again launched a self-aware social campaign with the hashtag #truTVisAThing, to help viewers find the channel. Last year, the network ran with #HaveUFoundtruTV.

Through 10am this morning, the campaign has generated over 276 million impressions (up 39 per cent over last year’s campaign), and the number of unique participants increased 38 per cent on Wednesday versus last year. Additionally, nine times as many unique users are mentioning truTV or the #truTVisAThing campaign this year versus the same period of time last year.

Putting games on truTV is a great move by Turner to generate awareness for the rest of the network’s programming – especially since shows like Impractical Jokers have plenty of appeal to Tournament-viewing audiences.

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Adam Flomenbaum

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