Snapchat AR and wearable hires spark augmented glasses rumours

Photo-messaging app Snapchat is reportedly hiring a slew of professionals with experience in augmented reality and wearables, hinting at the service’s next big move.

Currently valued at $16bn, Cnet has suggested that the hires point to an ambition to realise hardware – along the lines of Google’s now shuttered Glass project.

Having hired staff from Microsoft’s HoloLens project and Qualcomm Vuforia – in addition to the acquisition of Vergence Labs – which also made augmented glasses.

A current listing for a 3D Computer Vision Engineer, according to Cnet, “suggests another link between the computer vision and consumer electronics efforts”.

The company failed to acknowledge any truth in the rumours. However, on some level, it must be preparing for its app, much like the images it distributes, to fade from memory.

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