The clash of the power bunnies: Energizer sues Duracell

Battery brand Energizer has filed a lawsuit against rival Duracell claiming its non-US bunny-branded packaging is being widely sold in the country - and is clashing with its mascot (also a pink bunny).

AdAge reports that Duracell’s bunny was registered internationally in 1989 but Energizer beat it to the punch in the US home market – sparking an agreement banning the Duracell bunny from the US.

A lawsuit filed in Missouri against Proctor & Gamble earlier this week claimed that Duracell batteries featuring the bunny were cropping up in US stores, being guided by third party sales from international markets Energizer claims could be controlled by P&G.

The brand seeks an injunction on the sales of bunny branded Duracell in the US and damages for supposed lost sales.

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