Land Rover #Hibernot campaign goes OOH with Instagram-style live filters

Land Rover has adopted Instagram-like filters as part of its longstanding #Hibernot campaign.

Designed to encourage members of the public to 'see winter differently' the digital billboards use real-time footage of urban winter landscapes and apply filters as people pass by – turning the screens into 'window frames'.

Each frame displays on-site footage in locations such as SE1 Tower in Waterloo and the Northern Lights in Leeds and the cameras as personally moderated to maintain a "realistic version of the scene".

Land Rover's Digital OOH #Hibernot campaign

Land Rover #Hibernot
Land Rover #Hibernot
Land Rover #Hibernot
Land Rover #Hibernot
Land Rover #Hibernot
Land Rover #Hibernot

The filters can be customised dependent on what time of day it is so that the effects enhance each landscape image.

Conceived by Mindshare, with production by and Kinetic Active, the idea looks to highlight Land Rover's positioning as a specialist in engineering for adverse or wintry weather conditions.

By making the otherwise bleak winter landscapes appear attractive, the campaign looks to underline the brand's specialism in automobile engineering for adverse and wintry weather conditions.

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