Which Halloween-inspired TV episodes generated the most buzz on Twitter?

For 26 years, 'The Simpsons' have aired "Treehouse of Horrors" episodes. Halloween specials are a favorite for TV writers and viewers alike; they also generate a wide range of emotional reactions on Twitter, data that our analytics partner, Canvs, measures.

New entrant 'Scream Queens' was primed to capitalize on Halloween specials and did. The trifecta of episodes drove 74,976 reactions, and 10% of these reactions featured "crazy" terms.

If 'Bob's Burgers' was attempting to inspire fear, that it did not. Instead, it inspired something better: love. 45% of reactions to the show's "Hauntening" episode featured "love" terms.

Below, an infographic from Canvs examining the Halloween TV landscape:

Reaction source: Canvs. Canvs analyzes Tweets about TV (as captured by Nielsen), identifies Tweets containing emotions, and arranges them into themes called reactions.

Reaction benchmarks based on Canvs data as of 1/1/14.

Tweet source: Nielsen. Relevant Tweets captured from three hours before, during, and three hours after an episode's initial broadcast, local time.

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