McDonald's not lovin' emoji billboard graffiti

McDonald’s outlandish outdoor emoji ad push has been creatively vandalised in Bristol to imply the chain’s food makes consumers vomit.

Credit: Bristol24/7

The fast food giant’s ‘Good Times’ campaign erected minimalist billboards across the UK to show the restorative powers of the Happy Meal.

In a twist, McDonald’s used only emojis to get its point across, hoping to tap into the lexicon of the millennial.

Sceptical about the use of the icons? Don’t be, emoji is reportedly the fastest growing language in the UK with 80 per cent of Brits implementing them in their digital conversations.

Ultimately, the billboards were ripe for some emoji-based vandalism and knowing the internet, if an ad can be twisted or subverted, it will be.

One board was burdened with the unwelcome addition. Enter vomit emoji, adding a bittersweet twist to the brand’s well intentioned campaign.

Sparks & Honey’s Alison Bracegirdle explored the growing commercial use of emojis for The Drum on Wednesday, check it out here.

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