Buzzword BBQ: Dan Machen, director of innovation at HeyHuman

Welcome to The Drum's Buzzword BBQ, where media commentator Paul McEntee speaks to some of the marketing luminaries attending this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. During each interview he will discuss the major trends and fascinating things to be found at the festival with senior marketing attendees and ask them to choose a buzzword being used widely at the festival to burn onto a succulent piece of steak so they can literally eat their words.

Dan Machen, director of innovation at HeyHuman gave us our second BBQ Buzzword the day, opting for the word 'brains'.

Machen explains that he's chosen this particular word because of HeyHuman's research into neuroplasticity – the brains ability to change in response to different stimuli.

He adds that technology slows down this function in the brain and says brands need to adjust their approach to reflect this and turn technology from a foe into a "transformative friend".

He is then commended for his wise words before he eats his branded beef.

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