Ad of the Day: Adidas - Instinct Takes Over feat. Arsenal's Mesut Özil

Arsenal's Mesut Özil has the perfect visage for this visually impressive commercial for Adidas. As you see his face being transformed into something ethereal, you realise that all they've done is exaggerate something that was there all along and that he may very well be from another planet. Icke was right all along!

Creative Director: John Sunter

Film Production: MPC Creative

Director: John Sunter / Ben Jones (repped by Dark Energy)

Producer: Matt Brown (Live Action)

Executive Producer: Sophie Gunn / Stuart Speechly (Live Action)

Production Manager: Natalie Isaac (Live Action)

Editing House: The Whitehouse

VFX: Melanie Keyzor / Will MacNeil @ MPC

Colourist: Richard Fearon @ MPC

Music: Production Sound Architecture

Ad of the Day is brought to you in association with David Reviews.

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