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British Heart Foundation launches online video series for healthy eating campaign

The British Heart Foundation has launched a series of online films as part of a campaign providing information on eating healthily on a budget.

The series, created by Twofour’s content agency Twofour Digital, features members of the public being given practical advice on how to stick to a healthy eating plan when struggling on low budgets.

According to the Foundation, food prices have increased nearly twice as fast as rent in the last five years and more than a third of adults are struggling to eat healthily.

Alice Kilpatrick, account director at Twofour digital, said: “The films feature real people facing real issues of today.

“We jumped at the opportunity to work with the BHF again to support the campaign and create a series that will help reach people and make a difference.”


26 Apr 2014 - 09:47
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I am quite disgusted with British Heart Foundation at the moment. I live in Bromley and pass by the shop, for the past year and half and notice only one staff in the shop. IS she NOT entitled to a break as its against the law, How does go to the toilet? Because from what I have noticed is no, I am very disappointed in how this particular woman is treated from a well known charity. Please look into this matter as I am not the only one who has notice this my work colleagues have seen it too as they are on different shift patterns. Ms Sonmez email: isonmez470@gmail.com

28 Apr 2014 - 16:42
rodge60362's picture

@isonm13349 Thanks for your comment . Our BHF shops aren't able to operate with only one person present and we are lucky to have a large team of volunteers and paid team members across our shops. The BHF customer service team will be investigating your concerns and will reply to the email address that you have supplied. Thanks for taking the time to make your comment.


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