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“Don’t feel like you have to be a comedian” – Twitter’s Oliver Newton advises brands on how to best reach mums

“Don’t feel like you have to be a comedian” – Twitter’s Oliver Newton advises brands on how to best reach mums “Don’t feel like you have to be a comedian” – Twitter’s Oliver Newton

More than two thirds (67 per cent) of mums expect to be able to interact with brands on Twitter, according to research released by Oliver Newton, Twitter brand and agency advocate.

Speaking at the Mumsnet Mumstock conference in London Newton explained that mums also follow a “healthy” number of brands on the platform, the average being 32, and the best way for brands to reach them is to offer useful information rather than spending time thinking up witty posts.

“A lot of brands fall into the trap of thinking you have to be a real comedy account on Twitter, it’s all about the Mega Lolz. It really isn’t,” said Newton.

“The study shows that the type of content people most value from brands is information. If you can provide that with humour then game on, if you can’t don’t worry about it. But don’t feel like you have to be a comedian on Twitter.”

He explained that what mothers are most interested in are competitions, promotions, and additional information on when the best time is for buying products.

Newton also added that mums are accessing that information in the same way as everyone else on the platform – via their phones.

A total 77 per cent of them access Twitter on a mobile device. Looking at all users in the UK, the figure sits at around 80 per cent of users accessing on a mobile device and globally it’s 70 per cent.

Looking at why they are using it, nearly half (43 per cent) said it allows them to keep closer to family and friends.

Meanwhile the majority (82 per cent) actively follow a celebrity and have said they see Twitter as a replacement for magazines as a source for getting information on famous people.

Twitter derives who the mums on the platform are based on how and what they tweet, with Newton adding that there is a "high statistical accuracy".

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