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Artificial intelligence, wearables and disruptive technologies will dominate in 2014, Deloitte predicts

Disruptive technologies will be the trends to watch of 2014 according to Deloitte’s Annual Tech Trends Report, with opportunities across the board to change how industries, business models and organisations operate.

Jodi Birkett, TMT partner at Deloitte in the north-west, said: “Disruptive technologies – from wearable devices to cognitive analytics to crowdsourcing – present unprecedented opportunities to reimagine how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve.

“But they also represent threats – and real challenges on how to balance experimentation for tomorrow with the realities of today. Our report examines how these trends are changing business as usual and opening the door for chief information officer's (CIO) to truly transform their business operations.

“One of the most interesting – and perhaps most talked about – trends this year is the CIO developing a venture capitalist mindset in relation to IT portfolio management. An effective portfolio view enables the CIO to continually evaluate and manage the strategic performance of each asset, project and vendor and communicate the value contribution in terms that business leaders understand.”

We take a look at the 10 key points from Deloitte in the report.