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Ad of the Day: BBC - Pack Up Your Troubles

This promising trail for the BBC's coverage of the centenary of World War I suggests much excellent programming lies ahead.

With David Cameron proposing a "celebration" of this year's centenary and seeking to draw parallels with the London Olympics in order to generate a bit of pre-election feelgood factor, our government is going to do what it can to avoid a thoughtful reflection provoked by this most poignant of anniversaries.

Creative Agency: Karmarama
CCO: Dave Buonaguidi
Creative Director: Tom Woodington / Robin Temple
TV Producer: Louise Jones
Film Production: Red Bee Media
Director: Steve Reeves (repped by Another Film Company)
Photography: Barry Ackroyd
Production Design: Jan Walker
Editor: Scot Crane @ The Quarry
Post Production: Finish
Sound Design: Munzie Thind @ Grand Central
Composer: Stephen Warbeck
Performance: Jeremy Paxman / Hermione Norris / Nicholas Farrell / Tim Pigott-Smith / Dan Snow / Kate Adie / Jim Howick / Mathew Baynton / Ben Willbond

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21 Jan 2014 - 14:59
miked11445's picture

Promising BBC trailer? Have your sick bags ready for nostalgic war porn. "Pack up your troubles" was aimed at maintaining morale, recruiting for the forces, or defending Britain's war aims ( all of which had nothing to do with freedom or democracy. 40% of men didn't have the vote nether mind women, and the Indian soldiers shown were never intended to have democracy in the UK empire.) Prefer this version from Oh What a lovely war :) http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=+%22Oh!+What+A+Lovely+War%22+pack+up+yo...

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