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Dove debuts ‘Selfie’ film at Sundance Film Festival to mark 10th anniversary of Campaign for Real Beauty

Dove premiered a short film at the Sundance Film Festival, delving into the world of ‘selfies’ as part of its ‘Campaign for Real Beauty” which has now been running for 10 years.

The Unilever brand partnered with Sundance Institute and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Cynthia Wade on the short documentary after it conducted research into the effect social media has in influencing conversations around beauty.

The film aimed to capture the journey of multiple generations of girls and their mothers in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts as they create a new type of selfie that celebrates their unique beauty.

In the same vein as its viral hit, ‘Dove Beauty Sketches’, Dove asked participants to explore their vulnerable self-images and take selfies which prominently feature what they perceive as their personal physical flaws. With the help of a professional photographer, the girls build the courage to create art by embracing their least desirable feature thus expanding their definition of what beauty is.

The images are then collected for a #BeautyIs photo gallery, which is then shared with women of all ages in their community.

"The way women are defining beauty today is changing dramatically, and social media has much to do with the change," said Wade. "Now we have the ability to photograph the beauty we see in our friends and ourselves. When we share these diverse images on our social networks, we are taking personal ownership and truly redefining beauty."

The brand is encouraging women across the world to “redefine beauty” and share their own beauty stories using the hashtag #BeautyIs across social media as well as uploading a photo or video to the dedicated website.


21 Jan 2014 - 15:52
conta66927's picture

As a collector of identical twitter avatars - among which are many, many selfies - I have noticed that selfies of people with a physical appearance that doesn't fit the 'norm' are scarce. I suspect those tweeters use alternative avatars, which is a tragic phenomenon IMHO. Some examples of alternative avatars from my website avadenticals.org:

http://www.avadenticals.org/categories/2.-cartoon http://www.avadenticals.org/categories/31.-shadow http://www.avadenticals.org/categories/74.-sand-drawing http://www.avadenticals.org/categories/42.-dog

22 Jan 2014 - 12:44
duh_sponge's picture

@conta66927 that's a really cool project - I'll drop in from time to time for a quick look. Well played sir.


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