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UK's Love takes Johnnie Walker campaign to China

UK creative agency Love has completed a creative execution for whisky brand Johnnie Walker for the Chinese market.

The advert was filmed in Bangkok, and will be launched in China next year.

The campaign is aimed at the ‘youthful Chinese demographic’.

“We were really keen to bring the concept of the big bold flavours to life and wanted to film the ad in real time without the use of CGI,” said Mark Williams, creative director of advertising at Love.

“[Director] Jake [Scott] got this straightaway and his treatment felt almost symphonic - as he describes it “soulful’ - and it worked really well for us.

“The advert also presented us with an opportunity to place the Striding Man – the embodiment of Johnnie Walker - in a social setting. So, he’s at the centre of the commercial, but he still keeps his anonymity and a sense of mystique.”

In 2011 brewer Diageo opened ‘Johnnie Walker house’ in Beijing, which it described as an embassy for whisky culture.

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