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Virgin Media is most socially engaged Facebook brand

"Not for kids. For Mums""Not for kids. For Mums"
"Tell us the strangest thing in your fridge?"
The lovely Laduree tearoom

Virgin Media is the most socially engaged brand on Facebook according to a top five report from social media analytics platform Socialbakers.

The telecoms firm had a 94 per cent response rate and the average response time was just over three hours.

In second place, was mobile network provider EE who had a 90 per cent response rate but took a massive 1080 minutes to respond on average.

Next was Sky who had an 88 per cent response rate and an average response rate of 927 minutes.

This is followed by Thompson Holidays who had a 99 per cent response rate and took only over an hour in average to respond but overall had a lower volume of enquiries to deal with; as did fifth placed Argos who had a 97 per cent response rate who took just over two hours to respond on average.

The average overall response rate from brands was 67 per cent.

The most popular brand posts include Blossom Hill's "Not for kids. For Mums" wine ice lollies (pictured) which had 50k total interactions, 39,000 likes, 1189 comments, 10,000 shares and an engagement rate of 20.4 per cent.

Next, was Samsung with "Click LIKE for your chance to WIN a Samsung Fridge Freezer with mammoth storage space… TELL us the strangest thing you’ve found in your fridge? :-) #AOLetsGo", which received a total of 33,000 total interactions, 28,000 likes, 3415 comments, 2085 shares and an engagement rate of 2.84 per cent.

Finally Harrods shared a picture of Laduree tearoom with 29,000 total interactions, 25,000 likes, 591 comments, 3218 Shares and an engagement rate of 6.78 per cent.


13 Sep 2013 - 13:33
steve82313's picture

So it seems I wasted hours and hours trying to get Virgin Media to respond to installation issues lasting two months when I should have just given them a "like"

13 Sep 2013 - 14:41

The reason why they are most socially engaged is because they are responding to the myriad of complaints being thrown at them!

This article is misleading too. It's showing Virgin Media in a positive light when in actual fact they don't have a true grasp of social business at all. They might respond quickly but their resolutions to customer problems are frankly rubbish.

There is a real flaw in any business that responds to social customers the way Virgin does. What's that way? Well here's an example:

"Oh yes (name), please email and a member of our team will look into that for you".

A few emails are exchanged in the ensuing process with some kind of kick back given to customers, usually by the way of a free month's subscription.

To me it's a no brainer that not having to pay out regularly to customers is good for business. There's no evidence to the contrary on this but it happened to me, too smoothly, and too quickly, that it must be an authorised regular occurrence.

What gets missed in all that? Real, actionable feedback that can improve their business. It's clear that a significant portion of their customers are not happy. Virgin Media's whole business model is geared towards expansion and new customers. Not at all towards making existing customers feel valued. Not surprising really when you can see 12 months half price on deals for new customers flying around. Who foots the bill for the new customers? Answer: Existing customers.

Who suffers? The customers do until their contracts run out, they then go to a comparison site where find a new provider offering half the cost and they switch. Who suffers in the long term? Virgin Media of course because they can't hold on to customers for the longer term.

If Virgin were really doing something good with social media they would see that there are real issues to tackle for the long term good of the business and brand. They'd make changes to the way they operate, then they wouldn't need to perhaps be the most "socially engaged" Facebook brand. Most of us only turn to social to make a complaint anyway, so really this might be further evidence to say that they are getting things wrong.

P.S. My contract ends in October.

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