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Lessig and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to sue music company for aggressive copyright takedown

The godfather of copyright moderation, Lawrence Lessig, has teamed up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to bring a lawsuit against Liberation Music for excessive copyright trolling under Section 512 (f) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Larry Lessig's books have long warned about the need for copyright moderation. Remix, in particular, warns that those that own rights in intellectual property may be stifling creativity in the digital era. This June, he posted a talk on YouTube which featured a “clip” of the band Phoenix’s song Lisztomania. Dozens of groups produced videos featuring the song, all with the common theme of locals dancing in various geographical locations around the world. Each remix was produced as a kind of viral “reply” to every other video. Lessig’s point was to highlight how spontaneous outbreaks of on-line culture are "the latest in the time-honoured 'call and response' tradition of communication."Good examples can be seen below: