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CBS Outdoor UK launches ‘I Love My City’ campaign

CBS Outdoor UK launches ‘I Love My City’ campaign CBS Outdoor UK launches ‘I Love My City’ campaign

CBS Outdoor UK has launched a timely campaign this Valentine’s Day.

Entitled ‘I Love My City’, the campaign has asked locals to show their love for a city through their photography skills in an online competition involving 12 different regions in the UK.

Participants have been invited to send in creative and original photographs, taken themselves, of what best encapsulates the love they have for their city.

Pictures will be uploaded onto regionally dedicated microsites, each featuring a gallery of entries with the winner being chosen by a panel of judges.

To encourage entries, a series of posters using the iconic ‘I Love New York’ design, but regionally adapted, will be showcased at the heart of each participating city in train stations and on local buses, and for London on the Tube.

The competition will be running in London, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Southampton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Edinburgh with a winner from each city receiving a Samsung Galaxy 3G camera.

Supporting the activity is an online barometer hosted on the site which will rank each city in a table according to the volume of conversation via the city specific hashtag and the number of photos uploaded in each city.

Simon Harrington, marketing director at CBS Outdoor UK commented on the campaign: “This underpins our brand positioning of engaging with urban audiences and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to increasing our knowledge and understanding of the people we reach through our media on a daily basis.

“By having a direct and meaningful dialogue with consumers, we are able to provide advertisers with irrefutable evidence of our ability to reach the right audience, in the right mindset, at the right time.”

The deadline for entries is March 29 2013.

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