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Controversial ‘Bang with Friends’ Facebook app proves a hit

Controversial ‘Bang with Friends’ Facebook app proves a hitControversial ‘Bang with Friends’ Facebook app proves a hit

A Facebook app which seeks to pair up sexually attracted friends by allowing users to list who they’d sleep with has stoked controversy.

Users who download the app can manually trawl their friends list to identify contacts they would be interested in sleeping with. If that person has likewise reciprocated then the app sends a notification to both parties – informing them that they are in luck.

The risqué software, created anonymously, has already been downloaded by 20,000 people in its first week sparking a range of imitators, including ‘Bang With Professionals’ for LinkedIn.

Speaking to the Daily Beast one of the apps authors said: “[Sex] should be something you’re expressive about, that you’re comfortable with, and if there’s a beautiful woman or a handsome man that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t hold back. We’re just giving you closer access to knowing the truth.”

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3 Feb 2013 - 12:43

i'm engineer

3 Feb 2013 - 12:43

i want a f friend


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