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E-Lites set to unveil e-cigarette campaign featuring Gangnam style dancing baby

E-cigarettes brand E-Lites has announced that it is to launch its first TV ad on Saturday 19 January, created by McCann Birmingham.

The 30 second ad spearheads a multimillion pound marketing campaign including print and digital advertising, PR and social media.

The ad shows a family gathered at home for a party, with the father then going outside to smoke a cigarette. While he is away, his baby takes his first steps and even manages to pull off some Gangnam style dancing. The tagline for the ad is ‘E-Lites – You don’t know what you’re missing’.

Vince McSweeney, executive creative director, McCann Birmingham comments: “Obviously it’s important for us to comply with all advertising regulations. We have been dogged in our execution to illustrate the benefits of E-Lites in a responsible manner. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be engaging.

“Every day thousands of smokers across the UK are interrupting their day to head outside for a smoke. By highlighting the lost opportunities it illustrates an immediate benefit of E-Lites: they can be smoked anywhere without the socially unacceptable side effects including those associated with passive smoking.”

The media strategy has been developed and managed by All Response Media, with PR support provided by Golley Slater.

E-Lites marketing director, Trevor Field, added: “E-Lites is always seeking to be at the forefront of key industry developments. The production of this TV ad is not only a major step forward for the brand but in fact the whole category and seeks to help consumers understand the product and its benefits. It is the first time since 1965 that an advertisement relating to smoking has been seen on TV in the UK. The E-Lites advert showcases the concept of smoking reinvented – a modern, healthier alternative to smoking.

“We appreciate that it is better to quit smoking altogether but there are over 10 million smokers in the UK, many of whom are unwilling or unable to quit. E-Lites offer a harm reducing alternative and we know that we can give smokers a healthier, cheaper and more socially acceptable option to tobacco cigarettes. The TV ad is a great way to communicate that message.”

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